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The CCQ's mission is to mobilize volunteers and peer helpers, and to build bridges with organizations from different religious denominations and other community resources to support the social reintegration of offenders. We also help people who have been through the justice system, who are awaiting sentencing, under provincial or federal surveillance, on probation or under warrant expiry.


Furthermore, we seek to raise awareness among the general public and organizations of the situation faced by these people and their specific needs.


The people committed to the CCQ's mission firmly believe in the successful social reintegration - in the course of the process - of all offenders.


Like everyone else, they have acquired skills that are impossible to lose, and which serve as a foundation for understanding the next steps to be taken towards achieving their potential; that there is a gradual integration and consolidation, and that the latter is progressive and therefore in progress, despite possible relapses or feedbacks. What's more, most people in the justice system are willing to take part in community life through volunteering or work, and these two poles can play an important role in their social/community reintegration.



Finally, the support and guidance provided by volunteer citizens makes a difference in achieving these objectives through a mutual understanding that is constantly being rebuilt.

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